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Oil Management System

The function of oil management system

A proper oil management system is essential to ensure compressor lubrication and energy efficient cooling. An oil management system is a cost effective alternative to replacing expensive compressors due to incorrect lubrication. If selected and installed correctly, an oil management system will give years of trouble free operation, protecting the compressors from both low and excess oil levels, with little or no maintenance. Excessive oil within the system can lead to a slug of oil returning to the compressor. A slug of oil can be some damaging to a compressor as a slug of liquid refrigerant.

By moving oil from the discharge gas, the system efficiency is increased. Oil in a refrigeration or air conditioning system reduces the efficiency of the system by:

1. A reduction in heat transfer due ti oil coating of the condenser and evaporator walls

2. Displacing refrigerant volume resulting in an system mass flow

Oil management system components

Oil Separator / Oil Reservoir / Oil Level Regulator / Oil Differential Check Valve / Oil Filter