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Coaxial Heat Exchanger



1. Spiral twisted construction optimized surface structure of heat exchanger tubes and enlarge the area on the unit heat exchange tube

2. Because of spiral twisting construction, it produced high turbulence flow and enhanced heat transfer efficiency on both side

3. Big pass diameter inside unlimited the water quality

4. High turbulence inside reduced fouling rate on water side

5. One heat exchanger tube promised the risk of inner risk of inner leaking

6. Cost efficient

7. Various material choose from copper, cupronickel, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel to carbon steel

8. 6 Sigma Administration System

9. ISO 9001:2000 Approved



Air source heat pump water heater, water chiller, air/water/ground/marine/waste water source heat pump, pool facility, marine air conditioner, laser chiller, energy recycle, sea food machine, ice maker and so on.

This type of heat exchangers are suitable to R-22, R-407c and R-410A refrigerant

Coaxial Heat Exchanger Model Introduction

CHE 150 S C - S – 2


1. Coaxial heat exchanger

2. 150Nominal capacity 150 x 0.1KW

3. Out tube material, S: Steel (Omitted) / C: Copper

4. Inner tube material, C: Copper / T:Titanium / V: Vialbra (aluminium brass)

5. Shape, S: Square / R: Round / C: Course / U: U Shape

6.Pass number, 1 pass omitted