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High vacuum pumps costing thousands of dollars require disciplined maintenance

When the vacuum pump fails to operate to the manufacturer's specification, repair service may be required. Caltech can repair, test and warrant the operation of your vacuum pumps. Pumps are serviced in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and tested to design tolerances.
Refurbishment must be performed in our shop and includes cleaning of interior and exterior parts, minor interior repairs and parts replacement, exterior refinishing, and pickup and delivery. Any pump requiring major repair should proceed only with an estimate.
High vacuum pumps costing thousands of dollars require disciplined maintenance. The cost for such maintenance is an investment in the longevity of the pump. Caltech can provide this service or can suggest a regime to implement regular maintenance.
Caltech can also refurbish your pump for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement. 
Air also generates a more effective vacuum, meaning that the extraction process can be accomplished in less time. And because compressed air is not only less costly and in greater supply than water (not to mention the fact that most laboratories already have compressed air for other purposes, including various pneumatic devices), it is an alternative that has virtually no downside.