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Purchase additional vacuum pumps

As time passed, Ouimet purchased additional vacuum pumps, installing them in all of his organic and inorganic chemistry labs, most biology labs and in many teaching laboratories throughout the facility—basically anywhere a low level vacuum needed to be created. With close to 100 units, the University of Ottawa boasts the largest installation in North America.
The university utilizes PIAB Lab-Vac single stage vacuum pump constructed from polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) and capable of withstanding all organic solvents at room temperature and most acids and bases. What's more, the compact and lightweight pumps can be installed near the point of vacuum pump, avoiding long runs of pipe.
A PIAB Vacustat vacuum-controlled 2/2 NO valve minimizes consumption of compressed air by controlling the incoming air flow to a vacuum pump. Vacuum pressure can be adjusted based on the boiling point of the substances being extracted. Ouimet's set-up allows each Lab-Vac pump to operate two roto evaporators.
It is also no small benefit that the PIAB pumps are far quieter than the water-based devices.
"With the water aspirators, the sound of the water hitting the stainless steel sinks was pretty loud. The Lab-Vacs just produce a rhythmic swishing sound that is far less distracting," said Ouimet.
Not only do the Lab-Vacs offer well-defined benefits over water aspirators, they are superior to other forms of air vacuum as well.