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New Manifold Gauge applicable to HFO-1234yf PR1234

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    The right side of (be maaifold with the red hand valve is the high side; ihe red gauge is the high pressure gauge.
    The left side of the manifold with ibe blue hand vtlve is the low side; the blue gauge is the vacuum/prtssure
    gauge. Separate passages from the low and high side fittings to their re^ectivc gauges allow (be technician to check pressure and vacuum reading whether the hand wheels are in (be closed or open position. The manifold body connects all three fittings (o each other by internal passages. The red (HIGH SIDE) opens or closes ihe flow through the fitting on th^ bottom right side to the other two fittings provided the blue (LOW SIDE} is in the open position
  • R1234YF SYSTEM OPERATION: Connect the R1234YF service couplers to the proper color charging hoses. Note: You must use RI234YF quick couplers to connect to the manifold gauge set to the vehicle's RI234YF A/C service ports. The coupler must be in the closed position before connecting to the appropriate vehicle's service port. To close, (um (he knob oq the top of the coupler counterclockwise, until it stops, retract the coupler sleeve, then push it cm the appropriate servke fitting, then release the sleeve. Caution: All R1234YF service couplers must b« connected to a refrigerant bose and the refrigerant hose must be connected to a manifold gauge set with both low and high side valves in the closed position before coiiDccling the R1234YF service couplers to an A/C System.

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