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Digital Manifold Gauge PR117A/PR117B

  • Digital Manifold Gauge
  • Digital Manifold Gauge
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Poly Run Multi-Function Digital Manifold Gauge Set features an easy to read digital display for 56 different types and a variety of temperature and pressure units. The gauge are pulsation proof and automatically calibrate to zero at start up at any elevation up to 16000 feet. It can accurately measure the refrigerant temperature and pressure near the outlet of the evaporator and condenser as well as the corresponding pressure conversion and temperature index of the refrigerant saturation. The unit includes 3 high pressure, color coded 72’’ hoses and has 2 valves.

Applied Refrigerants

All CFC, HCFC, HFC refrigerants total more than 68 types

Unit Measurements


kg/cm2, in.Hg, mmHg, bar, psi, kPa


kg/cm2, in.Hg, mmHg, bar, psi, kPa, Micron


℃, ℉

Display Range

High Side

0psi to 725psi

0kPa to 5000Kpa

Low Side

0psi to 435psi

0kPa to 3000kPa


29.92in.Hg to 0in.Hg


-40℉ to 203℉

-40℃ to 95℃

Maximum Overpressure

High Side

1087.5psi / 7500kPa

Low Side

625.5psi / 4500kPa




Pressure High Side

±2.175psi / ±15kPa

Pressure Low Side

±1.45psi / ±10kPa


±0.08859in.Hg / ±0.3kPa



Power Supply

9 V Battery to 30 hrs. LCD flashes to indicate low battery

Auto Shut-off Time

30 min. Under no operation

Extended 30 min. by any button touch except On/Off Button

Background Lamp Auto Shut-off Time

10 min.

Operating Temperature

10.4℉ to 120.2℉

-12℃ to 49℃















1 Poly Run Digital gauge

2 180cm Charging hose ,W.P./B.P: 800psi - 4000psi

3 Vacuum sensor

4 Temperature sensor

5 Two valve or four valve aluminum manifold for option

6 User's Manual

7 Aluminum case



Pressure or temperature below or above the rated ranges will cause a ‘‘FULL’‘ to be displayed

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