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Digital Vacuum Gauge Set PR116

  • Digital Vacuum Gauge Set
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge Set
  • Digital Vacuum Gauge Set
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Poly Run Digital Vacuum gauge combined thermocouple sensor technology with advanced electronics for precise readings and repeatability not found with thermistor sensors or analog meters. The result accurate readings from atmosphere to 1 micron without recalibration on job after job.

Thermocouple technology has long been proven in laboratory and precision industrial instrumentation for sensing the deep vacuum range. The thermocouple sensors are factory calibrated and exhibit few of the electronic variances of thermistor sensors tound in many other electronic gauges.

Applied Ambient

Clean, dry and non-eroded air

Measurement Range


Ambient Temperature


Ambient Moisture



1‰, 0.01kPa least resolution

Permanent Stability


Display Means

4 Digits LCD with hold radix point

changes between inHg and micro units

Display Window

47 x 22mm

Gauge Dimension


Power Supply

9V lithium battery (9VDC), 1000-1200mAh

Battery Life

18 month

Battery Automatic

Diagnosing Function

Display Flickering when battery under 6Vand warning to

change battery

Auto shut-off

After automatic powering off the internal digits maintaining



Temperature influence repaired by software

automatic compensation within 0℃-50℃

no influence on accuracy




























Thermocouple Sensor Features

1 No adjustments or warm-up. Stays calibrated after ON/OFF switching and long evacuations

2 Automatic battery compensation

3 Automatic ambient temperature compensation


LCD Gauge Features

1 Normal handing and jarring will not effect the LCD reading

2 Rugged molded case protects electronic circuitry and sensor

3 Precision circuitry controls sensor and translates sensor input into micro readings on the easy-to-read LCD

4 CE Approved

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